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How to Send an Automatic Email in Constant Contact After You Get a New Lead in Wix

Constant Contact and Wix You host your website on Wix, but use Constant Contact as your email marketing solution- and now you have an easy way to bridge them to help you reach leads faster and more efficiently.  Add an Email Lead Capture Lightbox to your Wix site to gain more email subscribers for your Constant Contact list.  You can then use Constant Contact’s new Autoresponder feature to send automatic emails that say whatever you want, whenever you want.  For example, you can send an email to a new lead a few days after they sign up to check in on their experience so far or send them a special discount- it’s up to you! Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Add Digioh’s Email Lead Capture Lightbox to Your Wix Website

The Lightbox is a “soft” pop-up that appears on the screen after a few seconds and asks your visitors to sign up to your email list.  It’s a free app, quick to install, easy to use, and unobtrusive to your visitors.  You’ve probably seen a few yourself when browsing different websites- that’s because they’re so effective. Digioh Lightbox

Too add it, log in to your Wix account and go to the Wix editor.  Navigate to the App Market in the left-side menu.  Then, search for either “Constant Contact” or Lightbox.”  Next to the Constant Contact Email Capture Lightbox, click the Add to site button. Find the Digioh Lightbox in the App Market

Step 2: Connect Your Constant Contact Account & Customize Your Lightbox

Now, Lightbox is added to your site!  But we’re not done yet.  We need to connect your Constant Contact account to be sure that new subscribers are correctly added to your email marketing list.

Connect your Constant Contact account to the Lightbox

After clicking on the Connect Account button you will be asked to log in to Constant Contact to authorize the connection.  Once you do this your account will be connected to your Lightbox and you can select which email list you’d like to add your new subscribers to.

Select which Constant Contact list to build

That’s all it takes to connect your account!  Now, you can customize the look and feel of your Lightbox as well as your most captivating message! Here’s a breakdown of the following customizable settings:

Display Pop Up Rules – change where and when the Lightbox appears
Layout and Background – change the background color and box size
Thank You Page – customize what message subscribers see after signing up
Advanced Settings – Alter the look and text of the Lightbox; add name field Customize your Lightbox

After customizing your Lightbox we’ll set up an Autoresponder in Constant Contact to welcome your new subscriber.

Step 3: Create an Autoresponder Email in Constant Contact

Here is a video tutorial and below are step by step instructions:

After logging into Constant Contact, navigate to the Email tab, then to the Autoresponder tab and click Create New Series. Create a Constant Contact Autoresponder

Give your new Autoresponder a name.  Be sure to select the same email list that you choose when setting up your Lightbox. Save and then click Add automated email. Create a New Constant Contact Autoresponder Series

On the next page, choose to start from scratch or copy from an existing template.  Now you’ll be able to compose your email.  Hover over and click into the sections of your email to edit them.  Look to the menu on the left for more options, such as adding images or changing color schemes.

Compose your Constant Contact Autoresponder

When you’re happy with your email, click Finish.  You’ll be returned to the Autoresponder main page and can now schedule your email. Schedule you Constant Contact Autoresponder

Now you’ve completed setting up an automatic email to leads who sign up through your Wix website!  Go on- do a little jig if you want to!!

A few extra tips…

If you want to amplify welcoming your lead and you use Wix store to sell your products, consider adding a coupon in your autoresponder.  A little incentive is all you may need to turn your lead into a first-time buyer and eventually a loyal customer! Constant Contact Coupon Example

Another way you can really help your lead feel special is to send a warm welcome letter after they sign up.  Depending on how many sign ups you receive a day, you could send each person an individual note, but if that’s impractical, you do have the option of editing Constant Contact’s built-in Welcome Email.  The Welcome Email is sent immediately after someone confirms their subscription, allowing you start building bonds right away. You can actually reach the Welcome Email editor from the Autoresponder page.

Edit the Constant Contact Welcome Email

Constant Contact Welcome Email
Here is a video tutorial on how to add a Welcome Email in Constant Contact:

Be sure to test and preview your new welcome message.  Even better, sign up through your Lightbox to see it all in action!

How to Modify the Font on Your Wix Lightbox

Every text section in your Wix Lightbox has the ability to modify the font. Just follow these steps:

  1. Click on “Advanced Fields”
  2. Click on “Header” or “Sub Header”
  3. Click on “Font Style” drop down
  4. Select the font you like in the “Font” drop down

How to Modify the Font in Wix


Also note, that when you change the theme of your Wix website, your Lightbox will also match that theme.

How to Get Notified of Signups on Wix

If you are using our Lightbox app on Wix you will automatically emailed whenever you get a new sign up. Just make sure you have filled out your email address here:

Sign-up notifications on Wix

How to Turn Off Email Notifications

Alternatively, if you are getting email notifications and want them to stop, just remove your email address on this field. All your emails will still go to your Wix Contacts and Constant Contact (if you connected to it).

Here are a few more things to know!

  • All submissions are automatically sent to your Wix “My Contacts” section
  • All submissions can be automatically sent to your Constant Contact account (if you connect)
  • You can view all your submissions by clicking the “View Submissions” button inside the app

Can I make my Lightbox a Static Form instead of a Pop-Up?

If you are looking to create a static subscriber form on your website, we highly suggest looking at the large variety of apps that already exist on Wix that allow you to do that.

We created the Lightbox Pop-Up to help website owners collect more emails on their website. On average a Lightbox pop-up will drive 500% more email leads on your website that a static form. Here are the top 3 reasons why this is the case:


A Pop-up requires less thinking (there is only 2 things you can do, sign up or close the lightbox).


Lightboxes are high engaging and cut through the clutter. Most static forms are usually located in the footer or on a “Contact Us” page. Every visitor is guaranteed to see your Lightbox (because they can’t do anything else), while static forms are often missed.


“Contact Us” forms require you to enter in a “Message” which is daunting to fill out and sometimes you just don’t have anything to say. Our Lightbox is specifically designed to help grow your email list so we limit the number of fields by design. “Contact Us” forms are great for asking questions, but should not be used if you are looking to get serious about your marketing and getting more emails.

Our Wix app is free to start and will start working for you immediately! 

How Do I Move the ConstantContact Wix App?

Our app isn’t movable. When you are editing your Lightbox it will remain in the bottom right side of your screen. When you display it on your website it will appear in the center of your screen as a pop-up.

In technical terms our app is a fixed position widget.

There are 2 big reasons why we made this decision:

  1. We couldn’t create a draggable widget, if we wanted to make it a Lightbox in Wix
  2. The center of the screen is the best place to display a lightbox to maximize email conversions

How to Display your Wix Lightbox on Specific Web Pages

By default the Digioh lightbox is displayed on all your web pages. This is great if you really want to maximize the number of emails you can capture. However, you may also just want to display your lightbox on your store or blog. Here is how you can do it.

1. Go into your App Settings

2. Go to “Pop Up” Display Settings

3. Select the page you want your Lightbox to be displayed on in the drop down

Select Page