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How To: Send a Secure File After Someone Joins Your GetResponse List

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If you use GetResponse for your email marketing system, you can grow your list by offering an incentive for signing up, such as a download for a free marketing guide or ebook.  It’s easy to set up so that right after someone subscribes, an email with a secure download link will be sent to them automatically.  Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Create a web form in GetResponse

After you log in to GetResponse, select the campaign you’d like people to sign up for (or create a new one) and then click on Create Web Form.
Create a GetResponse Web Form

You’ll be able to customize your web form using the WYSIWYG editor.  You can rearrange fields by dragging them and you can edit them by hovering over and clicking on the edit icon.

Customize your GetResponse web form

When you are done customizing your form, click on the Next Step button near the bottom of the page.  Now you’ll be asked to select the type of Thank-You Page that will appear after someone submits your form.  I recommend building a page in your own website and linking to it here, but you can choose from the default or staying on the current page.Choose the web form thank-you page

Now move on to the Publish step and copy the form’s code to embed in your website.  You can also link to a page that’s hosted by GetResponse, but again, I recommend embedding it on your website because it will look nicer and feel more consistent to your subscribers.

Publish your GetResponse web form

After placing the code or link in your website, click on Dashboard in the top-left corner.
Go to the GetResponse Dashboard

Step 2: Create a download link to your file with Digioh

Now that you’ve created your form, you’ll need to get a download link for your document. Sign up for Digioh, a service that allows you to send, track, and protect files for your GetResponse subscribers.

Once you have a Digioh account, connect it to your GetResponse account and Add a File.
Connect your Digioh and GetResponse Accounts

Under Security Options you’ll see a few choices: List Grower Security (a person can sign up to view the document), Membership Security (the person must already be on your list to view it), or No Security.  Since we want more sign ups for your list, choose your list from List Grower Security.  This way, if anyone forwards the link to your document, they’ll be prompted to subscribe.

List Grower Security

After setting your options, move on to the next page.  Your document will upload and you’ll receive the download link to copy/paste in your GetResponse autoresponder.

Digioh download link for GetResponse

Step 3: Paste the Digioh download link in your GetResponse autoresponder

With your document now ready, head back over to the GetResponse Dashboard.  From there, click on Messages and then Create Autoresponder.Create a GetReponse Autoresponder

Select Subscribed on the next page.Select Subscribed for the autoresponder type

In the settings, make sure your list is selected, that it will go out immediately, and that it will send any day of the week.  Then choose to create a new email.Create a new message for the GetResponse autoresponder

You can choose from a wide variety of templates or scroll down the page a bit to select Start from Scratch.
Create the GetResponse email from scratch

Use the editor to compose your email and insert the Digioh download link where it fits best in your message.Insert Digioh link into the GetResponse autoresponder

When you’ve completed customizing your email, you’ll be directed back to the Autoresponder page.  At the bottom, click Save and publish.
Save and publish your GetResponse autoresponder

And that’s it!!  All that’s left is to test your set up- use your form to subscribe yourself to verify that it’s all functioning properly.

If you have any questions or need some help, let us know in the comments below.