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How to Setup Secure Paid File Download through the Infusionsoft E-Commerce Shopping Cart

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Infusionsoft is a powerful system for small business owners that has multiple capabilities, including processing online store payments.  With Infusionsoft, you can sell your digital files easily, but you can only sell files smaller than 10MB and there’s no way to stop the purchaser from sharing the file to friends or co-workers.

Fortunately, by connecting Digioh to your Infusionsoft account you can upload files up to 2GB and, with Digioh’s Membership Security, your file will only be accessible to customers with the correct tags in your Infusionsoft database.

Step 1: Create a Digioh account and connect it to Infusionsoft

If you don’t already have a Digioh account, sign up for free and connect your Infusionsoft account.Connect your Digioh and Infusionsoft Accounts

Step 2: Upload your file and set the security level to Maximum Security

Use the red Select a File button to upload the file you want to sell. Under Security Options set the file to Maximum Security (member only accessthen create a unique tag for your file. This tells Digioh that only those contacts on your list with this tag will be allowed to access the file.  Set security level and tag

You can use an existing tag, but I recommend creating a new one unique to this file.  We’ll review how to automatically add the tag when someone makes a purchase shortly.

Step 3: Customize your download page

On the next page you can add your logo and customize your download page for a branded, professional look.Customize your Digioh download page

Save your changes and move to the next page.  Here you’ll be given the download link to your file.  We’ll soon paste this into the purchase reply email in Infusionsoft.Digioh download link for Infusionsoft

 Step 4: Set up your product in Infusionsoft and insert the Digioh download link in the purchase reply email

Log in to Infusionsoft and navigate to the E-Commerce Setup page.Go to Ecommerce Setup

Then, click on Products.Click on Products

Next, Add a Product. Add new product

And select Digital.Select Digital product

Now, fill out the Product Information fields.Fill in product information

After saving, go to the Digital Files tab and add a new Email Template.Add a post-purchase email

Customize the email to your liking and insert your Digioh download link into the message.Paste Digioh download link into email template

Make sure that your email is Ready to SendSet the email to Ready

Now, back on the Digital Files tab, select the template you just created so that it will be sent when someone makes a purchase. Save.Select the newly created template

 Step 5: Apply a tag when someone purchases your file

Now we’ll tell Infusionsoft to automatically apply a tag for anyone who purchases your file. Navigate to the Actions menu item and select Purchase Actions.  Search for your digital product and click on the Actions button.Create a purchase action

Add a new action: Apply/Remove tag.  You can choose to apply an existing tag or create a new tag, but it must match the tag in Digioh‘s security settings.Apply a tag

Now, what you’ve just done is set up a system where someone purchases your file and Infusionsoft simultaneously sends them your email containing the Digioh download link and tags them so that they will have the security clearance to download the file.  With this system, people can’t forward the email or share the link because the other person won’t have the proper information to access the file.

 Step 6: Set up your payment options

Our last step is to set up the methods by which your customers can pay.  Navigate back to E-Commerce Setup and click on Payment Options.Click on payment options

If you use PayPal and would like to offer that as a payment method, check the PayPal box and go through the steps to link your account to Infusionsoft.  When you do, it will appear as a payment option in the shopping cart.

Set up your payment options for Credit Cards and Checks, too.

Set up paypal

Congrats!  You’ve now created a way to sell your file through Infusionsoft while protecting it from being shared.

How To: Send a Secure File after Someone Signs Up on Your Infusionsoft Form

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One way to grow your email marketing list is to offer an incentive for signing up, such as access to a marketing guide or magazine.  If you use Infusionsoft, you can now easily and automatically send a secure download link to any file right after they sign up.  Learn how by following these steps:

Step 1: Create a campaign and subscription form in Infusionsoft

First, you’ll need to create a Campaign and subscription form.  To do this,  log in to Infusionsoft, click on the logo in the top-left corner, and then, under Marketing, select Campaign Builder.
Infusionsoft Campaign Builder

Then click on Add a Campaign on the right side of the screen.
Create a Campaign in InfusionsoftOn the next page, click on Goals in the right-side menu, then drag the Sign up for newsletter icon into your editing palette.  Double-click on the icon.
Create a signup form in Infusionsoft

You’ll now be able to customize your sign up form.  To add fields, simply drag and drop them into your form.  You can customize fields by hovering over them and clicking on the edit icon.
Customize your Infusionsoft signup form

When you are happy with your form, move over to the Thank-You Page tab and then customize it to your liking.  When you’ve completed this, switch your form from Draft to Ready in the top-right of your screen.
Thank you page for the Infusionsoft signup form

Now move on to the Code tab and copy the form’s code to embed in your website.  You can also link to a page that’s hosted by Infusionsoft if you don’t want to deal with the code, but I recommend embedding it on your website because it will look nicer and feel more consistent to your subscribers.Get the code to your Infusionsoft form

Place the code or link in your website, then click Back to Campaign in the top-left corner.
Back to your Infusionsoft Campaign

Step 2: Create a download link to your file with Digioh

Now that you’ve set up your form, you’ll need to set up your document.  Sign up for Digioh, a service that allows you to send, track, and protect files for your Infusionsoft subscribers.

Once you have a Digioh account, connect it to your Infusionsoft account and Add a File.
Connect your Digioh and Infusionsoft Accounts

After your file has uploaded, copy the link and go back to your Dashboard.Digioh download link for Infusionsoft

We’ll now update the Security for your document.
Add security to your document

After clicking on the Security button, you’ll see a few options in the drop-down list List Grower Security (a person can sign up to view the document), Membership Security (the person must already be on your list to view it), or No Security.  Since we want sign ups in this case, choose your list from List Grower Security.  This way, if anyone forwards the link to your document, they’ll be prompted to join your list.

Select List Grower Security

Save your settings and head back to Infusionsoft.

Step 3: Paste your Digioh download link in the Infusionsoft Response Email

You’re now ready to set up a response email and paste your document link in it. Back in your editing palette add a Sequence from the right-side menu.  Connect the newsletter to the sequence via the green arrow that appears when hovering over the newsletter icon.

Add a sequence in the Infusionsoft campaign builderDouble-click on the Sequence and then drag out the Email icon.  Double-click on the Email.Create a thank you email for your Infusionsoft signup formHere you can customize your response email and insert your Digioh download link where it fits best in your message.

Insert Digioh Link into Infusionsoft Response Email

When you’re finished customizing, switch your email from Draft to Ready in the top-right corner, then navigate back to the editing palette of your campaign.  In the top-right corner here, click Publish.

Publish you Infusionsoft CampaignAll that’s left to do now is to test your set up! Use your form to subscribe yourself and see if your response email and download links are working correctly.