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How to Automatically Sign Up New Subscribers to your Mad Mimi List when they Download a File on Your Website

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A great way to grow your email marketing or newsletter lists is through Digioh’s List Grower Security tool, which asks users to sign up to your list in order to gain permission to download your content.  In this example, we’ll show you how to use Digioh to promote your eBook and grow your Mad Mimi email lists.

Step 1: Create a Digioh account and connect it to Mad Mimi

Sign up to Digioh for free, and connect your Mad Mimi account.

Connect MadMimi and Digioh

Step 2: Upload your file and set the security level to List Grower Security

Use the red Select a File button to upload your eBook (up to 2 GB). Under Security Options you’ll be able to set the security level for the file.  The security level tells Digioh what to do when someone who is not on your list tries to access your file. Upload file and set security level

With List Grower Security, if a person is not on your list, it will ask them to sign up in order to download the file.
With Membership Security, only those already subscribed to your list are allowed access.

Because we want new subscribers, select List Grower Security and select the Mad Mimi list you want to grow.

Step 3: Customize your download page

Add your logo and customize your download page for a branded, professional look. Customize your Digioh download page

Display the information fields you want people to fill out when they subscribe.  This information will automatically transfer to your Mad Mimi list.

Choose the sign up fields for new subscribers

Save your changes and move to the next page.  Here you’ll be given the download link to copy and paste into your website.

Digioh download link for MadMimi

Step 4: Paste the Digioh download link on your website

Insert the Digioh download link where you want it on your website.  You can also link images, such as download buttons.

Paste the Digioh Download link in your website

When someone clicks on the link, it will ask them to sign up to your list.

Sign up to receive the download

Once they sign up, they will be redirected to the download page.  Both the sign up and download pages are customizable, as mentioned in Step 3.

Customized download page

And it’s as simple as that!  Sit back and watch your list grow!