How Do I Move the ConstantContact Wix App?

Our app isn’t movable. When you are editing your Lightbox it will remain in the bottom right side of your screen. When you display it on your website it will appear in the center of your screen as a pop-up.

In technical terms our app is a fixed position widget.

There are 2 big reasons why we made this decision:

  1. We couldn’t create a draggable widget, if we wanted to make it a Lightbox in Wix
  2. The center of the screen is the best place to display a lightbox to maximize email conversions

8 thoughts on “How Do I Move the ConstantContact Wix App?

  1. Lila

    the app sticks to the right bottom, as you said, but cant u make it movable? bcoz of this “sticky” behaviour i cant edit some things on that (right bottom) part of my website/webpage

  2. Avis

    I have the light box loaded and working on my published site. However, I made several changes to my website to correct some formatting issues that may have been caused by the app. As another user indicated, the app wrecks havoc with my header (whip is not fixed.). As I tried to reload the app (after deleting it so I could make e necessary changes, two problems occurred:

    1. It would not full load so that i could set up
    2. It is till wrecking havoc with my header

    This is all done in edit mode, I have not yet published it. However as my other changes are necessary, I am going to publish without the app.

    Please help. I Luke like to use the app as I upgraded to the premium. Erosion. I’m on WIX.

    1. Mike Kurz

      Hey Avis,

      With regard to the lightbox causing formatting issues, this likely means the app is conflicting with another app or piece of code on your site. In most cases, having our app installed last will correct the issue.

      As for the app never loading correctly for you, to correct this, log out of Wix, clear your browser’s cache, log back into Wix, and open the editor. At that point, everything should be up and running.

      If you’re still running into trouble send us a message via the contact form found in the settings menu for the app, or shoot an email to

  3. Juli

    I added this to my site just now, saved it and published it. Then I opened my website up in a new tab and the lightbox isn’t showing up at all. Any idea why?

    1. Rishi Post author

      Hi Juli – it could be with the rule settings that you have on. I would open up your site in a new incognito browser window. Make sure you have also saved and published your Wix website.

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