How To: Send a Secure File after Someone Signs Up on your MailChimp Form

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If you run a website and do much of your marketing through email, a popular way to gain more subscribers to your mailing list is to offer a special incentive for signing up, such as access to a free ebook or magazine. You can now easily send your subscribers a download link to your document immediately after they sign up with your MailChimp form. Follow the steps below to learn how.

Step 1: Create a signup form in MailChimp

Login to MailChimp and go to your Lists.
 Next to the List you want people to sign-up for, click on the drop-down arrow and then select Signup forms.

MailChimp List Sign Up

On the next page, choose General Forms. You’ll perform a few steps here to customize each step in your signup process.

Customize MailChimp Signup ProcessUse the WYSIWYG editor to:
1) Customize your Signup form,
2) Signup form “thank you” page*,
3) Opt-in confirmation email, and
4) Confirmation “thank you” page.

On the Confirmation “thank you” page reserve a spot for your file download link. We’ll return here later.

Lastly, under #5, the Final “welcome” email, decide if you want to leave this email on or turn it off.

After you finish your set up, you can share the provided link to your form or you can embed it in your website.  To embed it, go to Signup Forms > Embedded Forms, and scroll down to find the copy/paste code on the bottom-right.

*On your Signup form “thank you” page you might add some text explaining when your subscriber will receive their download.MailChimp Customized Text on Signup Thank You Page

Step 2: Create a download link to your file with Digioh

Now that you’ve set up your form, you’ll need to set up your document.  First, sign up for Digioh, a service that allows you to send, track, and protect files for your MailChimp subscribers.

Once you have a Digioh account, connect it to your MailChimp account and Add a File.
Link Digioh and MailChimp Accounts
Under Security Options, you’ll see a few choices: List Grower Security (a person can sign up to view the document), Membership Security (the person must already be on your list to view it), or No Security.  Since we want sign ups in this case, choose your list from List Grower Security.  This way, if anyone forwards the link to your document, they’ll be prompted to join your list.
List Grower Security

After setting your options, move on to the next page. Your document will upload and you’ll receive the download link to copy/paste in MailChimp.
Digioh Download Link for MailChimp

Step 3: Paste your Digioh download link in MailChimp

With your download link in hand, you can now go back to MailChimp and place your link in the Confirmation “thank you” page, giving your subscriber instant access to your file.MailChimp Customized Text on Confirmation Thank You Page

In addition, you can also send the file in an autoresponder email, which can be sent as early as the top of the hour after someone signs up, so they’ll easily be able to save it in their inbox for later reference.

To create an autoresponder email, navigate to your sidebar and click on Autoresponder, then Create Autoresponder email.

First, select the list you want to send the autoresponder to and choose “entire list.”  On the next page choose Subscription to list as the event trigger, uncheck the trigger-on-import box, set the email to be sent Within the hour of the sign up, and finally, make sure that it will be sent out on all days.

MailChimp Autoresponder Configuration

Keep following the steps and you’ll soon be able to design your autoresponder.  To customize the template, just click on a “block” and edit on the right.
MailChimp Email DesignerSave your design and make sure the text-version looks okay, too.

On the last screen you’ll need to review MailChimp’s checklist and fix any outstanding issues.  Once you’ve done that, Preview and Test your email to make sure it looks good in your inbox.  Then, and most importantly, click Start Autoresponder!
MailChimp Autoresponder Set Up Final Steps

Phew!  I know we’ve come a long way, but before you go live, be sure to test your whole set up by subscribing yourself to your list through your Signup Form.  Remember, you will need to wait until the top of the next hour to receive your autoresponder email, but everything else should be nearly instant.

If you have any questions, just let us know in the comments below!

Best of luck!

7 thoughts on “How To: Send a Secure File after Someone Signs Up on your MailChimp Form

  1. Bea Hubert

    With the final welcome email (#5 above), should I turn it off or on? What is the advantage of it either way?

    Thank you,

    Bea H.

    1. Casey Lauderdale

      Hi Bea,

      I think it’s somewhat of a personal choice, but I wouldn’t recommend placing your Digioh link in the welcome email. The welcome email is a nice reminder of the information the subscriber has just entered into the system, but it also has a huge unsubscribe button in it that you can’t alter. You don’t want people to sign up for your list only to sign right back off when they get the download link. In this way, your autoresponder can not only provide the download link, but offer much more interesting info (that would also not fit well in the welcome email) that will show your subscriber that there’s plenty of great content to come and that they should stay on your list.

      I hope that helps you out!

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  3. Praveen

    Thank you for the tutorial article. I was trying to figure out how to send a free downloadable file to my subscribers when they sign up for the newsletters.

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