How to use Constant Contact on Wix

Constant Contact and Wix
You use Wix to build a great-looking website without breaking a sweat.  You use Constant Contact to email your fans and subscribers the latest promotions, updates, and more.  And now, with Digioh’s Lightbox app, you can connect the two to convert your Wix website visitors directly into your Constant Contact subscribers- no importing/exporting required!

The Lightbox is a “soft” pop-up that appears on the screen after a few seconds and asks your visitors to sign up to your email list.  It’s quick, easy, unobtrusive, and -oh yeah- free! Here’s how to add it to your Wix website:

Add Digioh’s Lightbox app to your Wix website

Digioh Lightbox

Too add it, log in to your Wix account and go to the Wix editor.  Navigate to the App Market in the left-side menu.  Then, search for either “Constant Contact” or Lightbox.”  Next to the Constant Contact Email Capture Lightbox, click the Add to site button.
Find the Digioh Lightbox in the App Market

Now, Lightbox is added to your site!  But we’re not done yet.  We need to connect your Constant Contact account to be sure that new subscribers are correctly added to your email marketing list. If you don’t have a Constant Contact account you can get one here (for 75% off).

Connect your Constant Contact account to the Lightbox

After clicking on the Connect Account button you will be asked to log in to Constant Contact to authorize the connection.  Once you do this your account will be connected to your Lightbox and you can select which list you’d like to add your new subscribers to.

Select which Constant Contact list to build

Now, although you’re officially finished setting up your own Lightbox, you should put some icing on that cake!  You have a great amount of customization available to you.  Here’s a breakdown of the following customizable settings:

Display Pop Up Rules – change where and when the Lightbox appears
Layout and Background – change the background color and box size
Thank You Page – Customize what message subscribers see after signing up
Advanced Settings – Alter the look and text of the Lightbox; add name field
Customize your Lightbox

After customizing your Lightbox, be sure to give it a test run by signing yourself up in Preview mode.

6 thoughts on “How to use Constant Contact on Wix

  1. Liliana

    Hi, I am trying to connect my wix webpage to the constant contact pop up, but it only leads me to a paying option, whereas I understood there was a free option I could try first. So how do I connect? Thanks

    1. Mike Kurz

      Hi Liliana,

      When you first download the app, you can collect up to 25 leads for free without upgrading to the premium version.

      If you’re looking to link a Constant Contact account rather than creating one, click the blue Connect button at the top of the app settings menu.

      If you’re still having trouble shoot us an email at

    1. Rishi Post author

      Hi Lisa – make sure you are not using the same email address over and over again. Our system might think you are a robot. Also, I would use an email address that is different than the email you have on your account. So if your account email is test with Lastly, check your SPAM and Bulk mail folders. You might find your test emails in there.

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