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How to Build a Constant Contact List With Your Magento Customers

Growing your email list is a great way to encourage repeat business. Follow these instructions to grow  your Constant Contact list with Magento and Digioh.

Create Your Lightbox

Start by creating a lightbox for your store. If you want to incentivize sign ups, you may want to add a coupon code to your thank you page.

Check out the editor section of our support database for detailed info on how each part of the editor works.

1. Start by setting up the form on the lightbox. Add whatever fields you want to collect from your users. If you’re using required fields on your list, make sure the forms on the lightbox match up with the required forms within Constant Contact.

2. If you decide to add a coupon, be sure to put it on your thank you page.

add a coupon for your Magento customers


3. Be sure to set up a Constant Contact integration within Digioh, and add it to your lightbox.

Create Some Autoresponders

Be sure to set up a couple of autoresponders within Constant Contact. If you aren’t familiar with how to set up an autoresponder, take a look at their tutorials.

Create an autoresponder to inform your subscribers about any and all upcoming sales or promotions.

Consider offering subscriber-only coupons to encourage your customers to join your list, and stay on it.

Remember, the best way to keep subscribers is to create emails that provide value. Value can mean a lot of different things to different people; experiment with sales, coupons, and helpful information to see what your subscribers consider to be of most value, and provide more of that type of content going forward.