How To: Send a Secure File after Someone Signs Up on your Campaign Monitor Form

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When someone signs up to your email list it’s important to welcome them into your community right away.  One way to show your appreciation is to send them a small gift such as a free ebook or magazine. You can now easily welcome your subscribers and automatically send them a download link to any document you’d like right after they sign up with your Campaign Monitor form. See the steps below to learn how.

Step 1: Create a list and subscription form in Campaign Monitor

If you don’t already have one set up, it’s very easy to create an email list and subscription form.  Just log in to Campaign Monitor, click on the Lists & Subscribers tab, then the Create a new list button.

Create a New Campaign Monitor ListGive your list a name and decide whether or not you’d like to have subscribers confirm their subscription (for more info on single vs. confirmed opt-in click here).  Now that you’ve created your list, you’ll need to create a sign up form.  First, ask what information you’d like your subscribers to provide.  If it’s anything beyond a name and an email, you’ll have to create some custom fields.

On the right side of the screen click on Custom fields, and add as many new fields as you want.
Custom Fields in Campaign MonitorCreate a Custom Field in Campaign Monitor

Now, go back to your List’s main page and from that same right-side menu, select Grow your audience.  You have a number of options on how you can present your subscription form.  If you’re savvy with code, you might copy and paste a form into your website.  For this article, we’ll Edit your subscribe button.  Click on the link under the code to customize your form and add in your newly created custom fields.  When finished, you can click on the button to see a preview of your form and then copy/paste the code where you want it to live on your website.Preview of Campaign Monitor Subscribe Button

Add Campaign Monitor Subscribe Button to Your Website

Step 2: Create a download link to your file with Digioh

Now that you’ve set up your form, you’ll need to set up your document.  Sign up for Digioh, a service that allows you to send, track, and protect files for your Campaign Monitor subscribers.

Once you have a Digioh account, connect it to your Campaign Monitor account and Add a File.

Link Campaign Monitor with Digioh

Under Security Options, you’ll see a few choices: List Grower Security (a person can sign up to view the document), Membership Security (the person must already be on your list to view it), or No Security.  Since we want sign ups in this case, choose your list from List Grower Security.  This way, if anyone forwards the link to your document, they’ll be prompted to join your list.
List Grower Security
After setting your options, move on to the next page.  Your document will upload and you’ll receive the download link to copy/paste in your Campaign Monitor welcome email.
Copy the Digioh Download Link for Campaign Monitor

Step 3: Paste your Digioh download link in the Campaign Monitor Autoresponder

With your download link in hand, head back over to Campaign Monitor List page and from the right-side menu select Autoresponders.  Fill out your preferences on the next few pages, then import or build your email template.
Create an Autoresponder in Campaign Monitor

Using the WYSIWYG editor you can customize the design and edit the content of your autoresponder. In the content editor, hyperlink your Digioh download URL where it fits best in your message.
Customize the Campaign Monitor Autoresponder
When you are finished, don’t forget to Start the Autoresponder.
Start Campaign Monitor Autoresponder

All that’s left is to test your set up! Use your subscription button to subscribe yourself and see if your autoresponder and download links are working correctly.

If you need any extra pointers, just ask in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “How To: Send a Secure File after Someone Signs Up on your Campaign Monitor Form

  1. monitor lizard

    i already had a campaign from awhile ago that I’ve updated and added an auto responder to, but my custom fields aren’t showing up in the form??!!

    1. Casey Lauderdale

      Hi Lizard- if you created custom fields somewhat recently, then you might just need to update the code to your form. If you go to the Grow your Audience section, you should be able to find the new code and copy/paste it again in your website.

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