How to Get Notified of Signups on Wix

If you are using our Lightbox app on Wix you will automatically emailed whenever you get a new sign up. Just make sure you have filled out your email address here:

Sign-up notifications on Wix

How to Turn Off Email Notifications

Alternatively, if you are getting email notifications and want them to stop, just remove your email address on this field. All your emails will still go to your Wix Contacts and Constant Contact (if you connected to it).

Here are a few more things to know!

  • All submissions are automatically sent to your Wix “My Contacts” section
  • All submissions can be¬†automatically sent to your Constant Contact account (if you connect)
  • You can view all your submissions by clicking the “View Submissions” button inside the app

4 thoughts on “How to Get Notified of Signups on Wix

  1. Simone

    I’ve added the Constant Contact Lightbox to my site, however the submissions are not automatically being sent to my Wix contacts?

    1. Rishi Post author

      Hi Simone,

      Try both of these out:
      1. Make sure you are looking at your contacts under the correct website. If you have multiple sites in Wix, you may need to check under the specific site.

      2. If you are testing it out with your own email address, we don’t re-add it. Try testing with a friends email (or make something unique up like

      Hope this helps – if not please send us a note through the contact box in Wix.

  2. Sarah

    We are not receiving email submissions. We pay the monthly fee, but when we go to view our email submissions, it says that some were “saved to Wix contacts, but not to your Constant Contact account”. Then there are others that say “submission limit reached: not saved to Wix contacts or Constant Contact Account. Upgrade within 14 days to save your locked contacts.”
    We already pay to use this feature, why are we not receiving the information and have to upgrade? How do I go about doing this? It says I have about a week left before it deletes the locked contacts.

    1. Rishi Post author

      Please contact support at There is a good chance you have two apps running on your website – one is the paid and one isn’t. The one that is not paid could be the one running. In the email, please also include your website URL.

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