How to Give a Coupon on WooCommerce and Trigger a Reminder Email via MailChimp

Offering coupons to your customers can really encourage sales! Follow these steps to share a WooCommerce coupon with your visitors, and remind them about it via Mailchimp.

Create Your Coupon

First thing’s first, start by creating the coupon in WooCommerce. Just follow these steps to set up your coupon.

1. Log into WooCommerce and go to WooCommerce > Settings > Checkout. Tick the checkbox to enable the use of coupons.

Enable coupons in WooCommerce

2. Now go to WooCommerce > Coupons. Here you’ll be able to add a new coupon, or edit an existing one.

Create a coupon in WooCommerce

Create Your Lightbox

Now set up a lightbox that will show your coupon code to your visitors. Check out the editor section of our support database for detailed info on how each part of the editor works.

1. Start by setting up the form on the lightbox. Add whatever fields you want to collect from your users.

2. Put the coupon code you just created in WooCommerce on the thank you page.

Add your WooCommerce coupon to the thank you page of your Digioh lightbox

3. Now create a Mailchimp integration in Digioh, and connect it to your lightbox.

Now you have a lightbox that will send your visitors’ info to Mailchimp and show them a coupon after they enter their info.

Create A Mailchimp Autoresponder

If you aren’t familiar with how to set up an automation workflow in Mailchimp, check out this tutorial.

1. Set your automated workflow to trigger the first email immediately after a new subscriber is added to your list. Add the coupon code you created in WooCommerce to this email.

2. Set up another email to trigger a day after the user subscribes. Include the coupon in this email as well.

Now you have presented the coupon to your customer in three distinct ways. This is sure to yield increased sales in no time! If you need help setting any of this up, let us know and we’ll be happy to help you get everything up and running!

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