How to Minimize your Wix Lightbox

We know how precious screen real estate is when you are editing your Wix website. We just added a feature that allows you to minimize your Digioh Lightbox so you can keep editing your Wix website without having Digioh in the way 🙂 Follow these steps to minm

  1. Open up your Digioh Lightbox App
  2. Go to “Pop Up Display Rules”
  3. Check the box next to “Minimize Lightbox in Editor”

How to Minimize your Digioh Lightbox

6 thoughts on “How to Minimize your Wix Lightbox

    1. Rishi Post author

      Hi Jocelyn – the issue has been fixed now. Give it another whirl. It was due to recent changes in the Wix Editor.

    1. Rishi Post author

      Hi Daria – thanks for the question. This was an issue because Wix launched a brand new editor. We made the proper changes and it should be working now.

  1. Roz Dimon

    It’s not working for me either and it’s driving me a bit nuts. Really gets in the way of editing. I turn it off and there’s no save button — it does not stay checked off.

    1. Rishi Post author

      Hi Roz,

      This does happen to some customers and it is because they have cookies disabled.Try it in a Google Chrome browser and make sure you aren’t behind a firewall or some sort. I’m sorry that I can’t be more help than that on this issue.


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